The Mansion Shoot

Become a Model

Limited to 20 Photographers & 30+ Models

We had a great time on the first four Mansion Shoots. Here is our fifth one. If there is one photo shoot you want to attend, it is this one. There is nothing out there like it. We are here to network, create beautiful photos and build friendships. Just ask all the attending photographers from the first 3 events. They will come back to attend the next one. We compiled the superstars among the superstars within the modeling industry posing from glamour to Playboy style nude. This one event can completely revamp your whole portfolio as an up and coming photographer or even for the seasonal professional photographers. This group style photo shoot is opened to all photographers and videographers from beginners to the professionals. What a great way to build up your portfolio as well as learn a few things from your fellow photographers. Also get great tips from your host, Keith Selle & Butch Lemen. Keith and Butch will be on hand to guide you through the whole weekend and answer all your questions. Special guest photographers will be dropping by to demonstrate and share some of their techniques and tricks for all you attending photographers. Please do not miss this.

We go out of our way to rent out an amazing and beautiful mansion with countless rooms, beautiful furnitures, big windows, and a swimming pool.

We are only inviting the top models in their respective industry to attend this event. The more Photographers that sign up, the more Models we will add to this event. Due to unforeseen incident or personal issue, roster of model(s) might have a slight change. Any change will be updated on this website. Nonetheless, you won't be disappointed with the roster of models or the replacement models.

To become a model fill out this form.

For other questions or inquiries, please email:

The Mansion Shoot 5

Scottsdale, AZ April 14th & 15th, 2018

Details & Deposit / Purchase Click for Mansion Shoot 5 Details The Mansion Shoot Flyer

The Mansion Shoot 6

Twin Cities, MN Early June 2018

Details & Deposit / Purchase Click for Mansion Shoot 6 Details The Mansion Shoot Flyer


The Mansion Shoot will be comprised of over 30+ tattoo models and 20 photographers shooting for 2 days at a 9,000 sq. foot mansion. We are seeking sponsors for the event. The social footprint for the attendees is in excess of over 3 million people worldwide and a magazine publication and offers a great opportunity for our sponsors through social advertising. We appreciate your time and review of this opportunity and hope to partner up with you and your company to make this not only a great event, but a great opportunity for you and your company!



  • Company name/logo added to our Sponsor Page for the event
  • A booth and/or banner with product display at the mansion shoot for April 14th & 15th
  • Sponsor and their products will get media coverage from our various in-house photographers
  • Sponsor and their products will get their photos uploaded to our social media (IG & FB)
  • Social media coverages from attending models and photographers on their social media
  • Images will be provided via Dropbox a week after the conclusion of the event.

We look forward to partnering with your company as a sponsor of this event. If you are interested you may choose your sponsorship level with the above PayPal form.

Thank you for your time and your donation.

Keith Selle & Butch Lemen

For Photographers

  • Bring your cameras, laptop, lights, flashes, etc. BRING BUSINESS CARDS!!!
  • No photo assistant is allowed at all
  • No personal or company merchandises such as hats, shirts or any type of apparel or product is allowed.
  • Water and other refreshments will be provided
  • Bring model release forms
  • If you are planning to use the images for submissions to publication, sell or/and distribute, please inform with the models.
  • Photographers are encouraged to hire the models for private photo shoot session after the event at a private location, hotel, etc. Negotiation must be agreed upon between Photographer and Model.
  • Day 1. The format is an all shootout style. We recommend working in a pair of two photographers to one model with a maximum of 15 minutes per model then rotate to a different model. We want you to work with every model and have a chance for the models to change into various outfits.
  • Day 2. The format will be more or less the same. If you forgot to work with certain models on day 1, here's your last chance to do so. A few new faces will be added for day 2 since some models can only do it on day 1.

For Models

  • Come hair and makeup ready. Bring various outfits, shoes, accessories
  • Absolutely no escort(s), boyfriend(s) and/or husband(s) is allowed.
  • No personal or company merchandises such as hats, shirts or any type of apparel or product is allowed.
  • Food & drinks will be provided for models.
  • Only topless/nude models that I selected for this event will be paid a flat rate. This will be discussed privately once you are selected as one of our invited model. The rest of you will have lots of fun and get a chance to work with so many great and amazing photographers, get published, get plenty of photos, etc.
  • Hotel lodging will be provided to the out of town models.
  • We highly recommend you work with the attending Photographers after the conclusion of each day for private photo shoot session to maximize your earnings. Rate should be discussed and negotiated beforehand to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding. We recommend a flat rate per hour to keep it quick so you can work with multiple photographers during this weekend.